Sea Fever by Neasa Hardiman

Bright Pictures is co-producing Neasa Hardimans thriller Sea Fever together with Fantastic Films (Irland) with support from Irish Film Board, Film i Väst and the Swedish Film Institute.  Also co-producing are Frakas Productions (Belgium) and Makar Productions (Scotland).

Main cast is Hermione Corfield, Dougray Scott, Connie Nielsen and Ardalan Esmaili.

Shootings were completed in November in Gothemburg, and now we are editing in Irland. Post production will also take place in Sweden and Belgium till mid June.

SeaFever title.jpg

Release fall 2019


The brief:

An Irish trawler crew, marooned on the Atlantic Ocean, struggles to overcome a strange and deadly parasite in the boat's water supply



För Rikets Säkerhet by Kjell Sundvall

För Rikets Säkerhet is an action thriller based on Anders Jallais Spionen på FRA (Deep State), the first novel in the series about Anton Modin, directed by Kjell Sundvall, script by Paolo Vacirca.

Production start summer 2018

Release fall 2019


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Blind Alley by Manuel Concha

Swedish release April 7th 2017

Now on iTunes, SF Anytime and others

In 2013 Manuel Concha shot his short film BATTER - a drama thriller about two brothers who become victims of a terrible hate crime and are drawn into a vicious spiral of violence.

2014 BATTER won the audience award at the Gothenburg Film Festival and was also invited for screening at the Cannes Film Festival.

The short film was based on selected scenes from the feature film script BLIND ALLEY by Manuel Concha and Claudia Galli Concha. Now it is a feature film! Theatrical release on April 7th, 2017 across the country.

Producers are Borje Hansson, Carola Hansson and Claudia Galli Concha.

Distributed by The Bakery Entertainment

The brief:

The Michael and Alex brothers are shot at without warning. An event that will forever change their lives. Alex is badly injured.

Both the police and the people close to them suspect the brothers to be criminal - otherwise they wouldn't have been shot. Before the police realize that the perpetrator is a lone madman who shoots at immigrants, the brothers' struggle for survival leads them farther and farther into the darkness of modern Sweden. Michel becomes embroiled in a world he has never been in contact with before. A world without rules and outside the scope of law. He is however willing to do anything to stop his brother's suffering…

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For Better and Worse directed by Kjell Sundvall

Now on DVD and VOD

It's time for wedding! The whole family is gathered to celebrate the love between Jenni and Gabriel. Jennis mom Maria is in charge of the festivity, that will be going on for three whole days. Maria's sister Isabella and her husband Micke and their children are, of course, attending too. Isabella's and Micke's marriage, however, is really going downhill. But that's not something they can be open with right now. They agree to keep their mouth shut in front of the happy couple, because Maria would never accept any hints of marital troubles during the wonderful arrangements she's done for her daughter. But are Isabella and Micke really the only ones pretending to be happy?

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