Börje Hansson

Börje Hansson

Börje Hansson has been producing films since 1983. In 1988 he founded Filmlance where he was CEO and producer. He was Head of Drama at Metronome and Head of Production at Svensk Filmindustri. Börje studied at the college Institute of Dramatics and has worked as a sound engineer, editor, screenwriter and producer. In addition to feature films, Börje has produced numerous commercials, several of which have won international awards. He has also produced several music videos, including ABBA. In 1988 he founded Filmlance International AB, which he operated together with Lars Blomgren. Today Filmlance is part of the Metronome Group.

Börje Hansson was chairman of the Swedish Association of Movie Producers (now FTVP) 1999-2004, Chairman of Film Producers' Rights Association (FRF) and Chairman of the Film Industry Cooperation Committee. In addition, he works on international assignments, and he's a member of the Executive Committee of the International Producer's Federation FIAPF where he is also Vice President / Europe. He is on the board of the international collecting society AGICOA.

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Paolo Vacirca


Paolo Vacirca works as a narrative consultant and screenwriter for film and TV. He has written The Hypnotist directed by Lasse Hallström, Golden Piglet Hotel directed by Michael Lilac, Abomination directed by Yam Laranas and more. And he has consulted on many of Sweden's biggest successes. He started with the script development of Filmlance, then became head of development at the Svensk Filmindustri, where he worked for several years. When Paolo doesn't help others with their scripts, he still spends his time writing screenplays of his own. Since 2013 he is a partner in Bright Pictures, where he works as Head of Development. Paolo is also an appreciated lecturer in storytelling, and has been invited at schools such as Gotland Community College, Örebro University, Forsberg and the European Union seminar KulturKraft.

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Fredrik Cederlund


Fredrik Cederlund has been working as an entrepreneur for many years. His latest project was in the IT industry where he was working with Business Intelligence.

Although Fredrik is new in the movie industry, he is already deeply involved in ongoing movie projects and is participating the creative process. Eventually, Fredrik will have a growing responsibility over the company’s administrative tasks as well as adapting new business models.

Fredrik has been a partner since 2018.

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